Our Labradoodles



Aptos Labradoodles Hawaiian Beach Hana
Sire: Alpenridge Cause N Effect Chewy
Dam: Sutter Buttes Red Rocker AKA Kihei
Color: Caramel
Size: Miniature (15″ 22lbs)
Health: OFA hips/elbows Good, PRA CERF Eyes Clear, EIC DM vWD IC Clear
Pedigree: ALAA-044199



Aptos Labradoodles Tahoe Blue (AKA Cooper)
Sire: Serenity Springs Timoteo Marks the Spot
Dam: Sutter Buttes Red Rocker Aka Kihei
Color: Red/Caramel
Size: Medium (18″ 30lbs)
Health: OFA Hips Good elbows clear. PRA and Cerf clear EIC and IC Clear
Cooper is our new up-and-coming boy.  He has a beautiful dark red fleece coat and stunning green eyes.  He is such a sweet and lovable boy!  We love his gentle disposition and he always wants to please you.  Cooper retrieves and swims just like his parents.  He carries for Party, Chocolate, Red, and Irish Spotting.


Aptos Labradoodles I Love Lucy

Aptos Labradoodles I Love Lucy
Sire: Adhoneys Colorado Copper aka Indee
Dam: Aptos Labradoodles Sunshine aka Millie
Color: Red/Apricot Fleece
Size: Mini (17″ 25lbs)
Health: OFA Good/ elbows clear
Pra/cerf Clear EIC and DM clear. IC clear
Pedigree: ALAA-044009


Aptos Labradoodle’s High Sierra
(aka Camper)
Sire: Stillwater’s Mighty Zion
Dam: Sun Valley’s Sabrina
Color: Red Fleece
Size: Miniature (18″ 25lbs)
Health: OFA Hips/elbows Good
Pedigree: ALAA-035032
PRA CERF Clear Eyes
EIC DM vWD Clear
Camper is close to perfect. She is always curious and inquisitive. She loves to snuggle and please everyone she comes in contact with. Her copper red fleece coat is a show stopper just like her mom Finn.

Adhoneys Colorado Copper

Adhoneys Colorado Copper (aka Indee)
Sire: Adhonay’s Barnabas
Dam: Adhonay’s Chana
Color: Red/Apricot Fleece
Size: Mini/Medium (18″ 30lbs)
Health: OFA hips/elbows good, Cerf and PRA clear, EIC and DM clear, IC clear
Pedigree: ALAA-038763


Sun Valley’s Sabrina (aka Finn)
Sire: Aussie L’s Rudolph
Dam: Sun Valley’s Rowen
Color: Red
Size: Medium (19″ 30lbs)
Health: OFA hips/elbows; PRA clear; cerf, patella, and heart normal
Pedigree: ALAA-028804
We love our Finn. She is a sweet gentle soul with the mellowest temperament. She loves living with the Colbert Family and her daughter Camper.


Sutter Buttes Red Rocker (aka Kihei)
Sire: Spring Creek’s Legendary Lover
Dam: Sutter Butte’s Red Hot Chili Pepper
Color: Red
Size: Miniature (17″ 26lbs)
Health: OFA hips/elbows; cerf excellent; PRA clear; patella and heart normal
Pedigree: ALAA-028889
She is adored by us and has a super sweet personality and a gentle disposition. Kihei loves her runs on the beach chasing the ball. She has a beautiful mahogany red coat that attracts quite a bit of attention.


Aptos Labradoodle’s Sunshine (aka Millie)
Sire: Stillwater’s Mighty Zion
Dam: Sun Valley’s Sabrina
Color: Apricot Fleece
Size: Small/Medium (19″ 32lbs)
Health: Pending
Pedigree: ALAA-035039